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Skin Care


Experience Skin Care at Beverly Hills Indulge In body treatments, facials and mini services with skincare at beverly hills


Signature Facial $80
Deep Pre Detox Facial $110
Anti-aging Facial $125
Butt Facial $90
Microdermabrasion + Facial $135
Microdermabrasion + Peel $165
Micro Needle Roller + Peel $80
Face Rejuvenate $125
Peelings $90
Exfoliation Glow Body $80
Hot Therapy $90
Holistic Lymphatic Drainage Massage $85
Post Plastic Surgery Massage $65
Body Wraps $90
Sudatonic Infrared (Weight Loss) $180
Cellulite Removal Treatment $120
Liposuction w/o Surgery $120
Lifting, Firming Body And Face $100
Galvanic Facial $65
Reflexology $65


A Deep Pore Facial is a cleansing treatment to remove oil & dirt from facial pores.
It typically includes cleaning the face with an Expoliant or Scrub to remove dead skin cells.
Applying steam to lossen dirt and oil from pores. Also inludes Steam, Extraction, Facial, Massages and Facial Mask.


The Thermoherb Facial is a mini facelift, which deep cleanses, restores, balances and tightens the skin based on ancient thermal mask, improved with herb extracts.
The amsk hardens, generates heat and creates the ideal temperature between itself and the skin at which skin absorption is highly efficient.
As it hardens, it tightens the pores, sculpting the facial contours, minimizing wrinkles and improving skin elasticity.
The Thermoherb Facial itself contains extracts of Rose, Basil and Mint.


Mircodermabrasion also known as Mircoderm, is one of the easiest and most effective anti-aging Treatment you can get.
Mircoderm softens fine lines and wrinkles, to help to smooth coarsely textured skin, scars, acne, stretch-marks and reduces super hyper-pigmentation also known as age spots, you can see immediate improvements.


In the Galvanic Facial, fruits and vegetables juices are used along with other formulations.
These are rich in Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes. The Galvanic Gadget is used by which steady, direct Galvanic Current is utilized to introduce these water soluable substances through the skin.
It hightens the skin's capacity to absorb and improves the penetration of the products.
It has a powerful nourishing and hydrating action on the skin, leaving it radiant and youthful.


The Gold Facial, based on Ayurveda, is a powerful anti-aging treatment, with revitalizing and rejuvenating effects.
Gold is one of the softest metal and is easily absorbed by the skin.
It helps lymphatic drainage and facilities the removal of toxins and waste.
It also stimulates blood circulation and improves skin elasticity, accelerating cell renewal and reversing oxidation damage.
24k gold skin radiance cream, gel and 24k Gold skin enhancing mask.

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